About Us

Founded in 1982 with a vision of bringing top-class, premium bus services to Singapore, the founders of Westpoint Transit have always strived to shape the notion that buses should not just be a means to get from one place to the next; but should bring a high level of comfort, safety, and convenience to every passenger and customer.

Having pioneered the first generation of air-conditioned buses in Singapore, this company has since established itself as a leading brand within the private chartered transportation industry. With a strong focus on providing a smooth and stress-free customer experience from booking, to boarding, and disembarkation, Westpoint Transit continues to drive innovation through its systems and offerings: and implemented Singapore’s first automated online booking system for chartered buses in Singapore in 2019.

With a dedicated customer support for every booking, you know you can trust Westpoint Transit with your corporate or personal travel requirements.

– Corporate: shuttle services, company staff pick-up and drop-off, events, airport transfers, VIP transport
– Personal: shuttle services, events, family outings, weddings, airport and cruise transfers

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